Club Logo - 35 Years of S.L.O.S.H. (Society for Lovers Of Slapstick Happenings)

35 years on - still going strong!

S.L.O.S.H. came into being when a small group of like minded men got together in a pub in London in 1989. Since that time we have grown into a club with over 180 Members, and 35 years on we are very much thriving!

S.L.O.S.H is a club for men who are into a wide range of wet and messy activities - paint, pies, porridge, puddings & water. We hold a number of messy social events in the UK, produce a magazine three times a year, and distribute 'mucky' videos - many exclusive to S.L.O.S.H.

So if you're a man and you are enjoy a custard pie in the face, a wallow in the mud, or falling into a swimming pool fully clothed, S.L.O.S.H. could be the group for you!

Membership Rates

Membership for one year is just £15. This entitles you to attend all of our events, vote at the A.G.M. and of course gain access to all our photo galleries from events, exclusive videos and the club magazine.

Upcoming Events

S.L.O.S.H. events will be resuming soon, our newly formed committee are meeting in March to discuss how best to bring back the messy fun.

S.L.O.S.H. holds messy events throughout the year in various parts of the country. All different types of guys come along from all over to enjoy the events we hold. Some events include optional accommodation others are just an afternoon only. Attendance for events typically costs £10 to £15 per event (excluding accommodation). Full details of upcoming events are sent to members of the club. We'll be holding events in London, Kent, Manchester, York & Birmingham.

S.L.O.S.H. and it's events are all run by members for the benefit of members. Whilst the voluntary committee members organise venues and general logistics it is appreciated if all members attending help with the initial setup and cleanup of equipment and rooms. Nobody in S.L.O.S.H. is paid for the work they undertake and funds are used for venue hire, gunge supplies, equipment and general club running costs.

So if you don't want to miss out be sure to join today. Our members pages are updated constantly with the latest news and photos on all our events as well as videos. Full details and booking forms are available on our members pages. Alternatively if you would like more information on our events and the club please e-mail

So what are you into?

We don't care about your sexuality - you can be gay, bi or even straight - so long as you like getting into a mess solo, or with guys, or seeing other guys in a mess...

syrup, treacle, eggs, porridge, custard, cream, baked beans, tomato sauce, flour - in fact, you name a foodstuff, we probably have a member in(to) it!
outdoors, mudpits, wrestling, muddy fields, wallowing in tidal creeks and mudflats.
Shaving foam:
on your body, in your face - or everywhere!
Painting and decorating:
it isn't just the walls that get the paint and wallpaper paste!
Oil and grease:
wrestling, covering yourself in slippery stuff.
Custard Pies:
you haven't lived until you've had one in your face!
Getting wet:
falling into rivers, ponds or swimming pools with your clothes on (did you jump or were you pushed?). Or just standing under the shower.
getting wet or messy naked, partially dressed or in full gear - what do you like to wear?

So what's your favourite wet/messy activity?

Or what are you dying to try?

Want to know more? See our FAQs page!

S.L.O.S.H. Magazine Cover Our magazine - full of colour pics, stories, chat, articles - comes out three times a year. Members get this, and access to the Members' Pages on the internet, including personals - so you can make contact with fellow wet and messy mates!