S.L.O.S.H. - Society for Lovers of Slapstick Happenings

Still not sure if S.L.O.S.H. is for you? We've provided a collection of photos from our events that were previously only available to our members so that you can see exactly what a S.L.O.S.H. event is like and the copious amounts of messy fun you're missing out on. Faces and other identifying marks have been removed to protect members privacy. Click on the thumbnails for a higher resolution image. Please note all images are © Copyright of S.L.O.S.H. and should not be reproduced without permission.

When you join S.L.O.S.H. you gain access to an exclusive archive of photographs and some videos from more than 4 years of past events. Some events have hundreds of photos.

The Setup

A lot of effort goes into the preparation of our events but typically it'll look something like this:


Our initiation traditionally consists of being covered in various food stuffs. We also occasionally organise food fights. So you could find yourself being covered in beans, treacle, flour, mushy peas, rice pudding, porridge and more!


S.L.O.S.H. is all about having fun and where possible we arrange some games which ensure you end up nice and messy in the process. There's also always a round of Gunge wrestling to be had.

Mud (Bentonite)

We're not limited to just Food & Gunge though. At some venues we even have mud pools. The mud is made from Bentonite a type of fullers earth. It's a great clean clay like mud which isn't just fun but good for the skin too!


Sometimes though you can't beat a good classic pie to the face though. In fact it's a popular request to be on the receiving end of a mass pie throwing.


Of course we're not limited to just mess, simply getting wet can be rather a frill in itself - especially fully clothed. And if there's no pool nearby we don't let that stop us from indulging in a few water sports.


No S.L.O.S.H. event is complete without copious amounts of Gunge. Most of our events compromise of multiple pools and loads of buckets of brightly coloured warm Natrosol to ensure you're covered head to toe in slippery goodness.

UV Gunge

We're very fortunate to have access to one venue that provides black lights. That means we can have some great fun in the dark.